Is Cloud Computing Right For You?

Cloud Computing is becoming increasingly popular due it’s scalability, low cost, and flexibility when compared to on-premises hardware solutions. There are a wide variety of Cloud solutions to cater for all your needs; from Cloud security systems and backup solutions, to Hosted Exchange and Cloud Data Hosting services.

Benefits of Cloud computing include:

  • Drastically reduce hardware expenses – capital expenditure
  • Flexibility for remote users – work from anywhere
  • Security & Management for data, users, and user devices
  • Collaboration
Modern Workplace: Having always-on access to files and data; Work anywhere; Collaborating in real time; Safe and Secure
Data is being shared more freely... 87% of senior managers admit to uploading work files to a personal account

Advanced security features include:

  • Pin or fingerprint access to documents and data
  • Remote wipe business data without affecting personal data
  • Apply encryption and restrictions like do not forward to emails and documents
  • Apply data loss prevention policies to help keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands
  • Enforce device encryption protecting data in the event a computer is lost or stolen
  • Manage all devices – Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange offers fully featured professional email services at a per user mailbox cost, a solution that was once only available from expensive dedicated onsite Exchange Servers.

Benefits to hosted Exchange include:


  • Enterprise level security

  • Always running on Microsoft current & complaint server version

Data synchronisation between devices

  • Add a contact on your mobile phone, this updates to all devices

  • Reply to an email on your office desktop, see the reply on all other devices

  • Laptop gets stolen, just add your email account to your new laptop and all data is downloaded again

  • Share contacts, calendars, mailboxes

More and more companies are switching away from in house mail-servers. With Hosted Exchange services you can not only save your business money on hardware but also benefit from 24 hr support and extremely robust systems with multiple backups and failover systems ensuring extremely high uptime all year round.

Cloud Data Sharing

What do you do when your employees all need to work from the same data, but none of them are in the same office? The solution is simple: Cloud based data storage.

We offer various solutions based on your requirements, to connect office based, remote and travelling users together, no matter where they are.

With access to your data wherever you are you never need to worry about losing a USB key again!

On-Line Backup

Mistakes can happen, computers can get infected with viruses or you could be locked out from your data by ransomware. When this happens it’s not always possible to recover your data from the infected machines.

A good backup system today should be secure, include encryption, be online (stored directly off-site) and offer historical versioning to your agreed time scale. This system should also include fast and easy access to the off-site data location should it ever be required; data usually should reside within the UK for data compliance and restore options should include file level as well as full Server restoration.

The advantage of on-line backups is that they’re held off-site, ensuring your data is held in at least 2 separate locations.

Our online backup solutions can include all the above, subject to your requirements, and in addition are fully automated with daily reporting of job success and alerting of job failure.

Hosted Security

Our hosted antivirus platform ensures virus and malware definitions are kept fully up to date and automated scans immediately alert us of any discovered infections on a client by client basis. This helps us pinpoint potential weaknesses in your system and configure custom security policies that work for you and your business.

We also offer hosted email security filtering to cover your entire email system, which works in a very similar way to our anti-virus system. Again, due to the site by site configuration, we’re able to tailor policies specific to your company, blocking or allowing addresses or domains to ensure you don’t get bombarded with spam and phishing attempts and only get the emails you want to see.

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