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At IT Support Plus we offer a complete range of IT services tailored to your requirements.

Our engineers are available Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:30 to resolve any technical issues you may have, either through remote support, or where not possible remotely through onsite visits.

Support services offered are both ad-hoc, and through maintenance support contracts which can also include out-of-hours support if required.

Maintenance Support Agreements

With maintenance support contracts we offer:

  • Pro-active tools, monitoring and automation preventing issues before they happen
  • Regular routine maintenance
  • Priority service response including agreed response times
  • Cost management

Having a maintenance support contract in place can help take your business to the next level, while reducing chances of unexpected breakdown or system failures.

We currently support clients of vast sectors with a huge variety of specialist software including:

  • Architects & Designers: Adobe Creative Cloud; BIM Server; Autodesk suite including Revit; AutoCAD; Navisworks; 3DS Max
  • Accountants: Sage; QuickBooks; CCH Central; Payroll Manager; IRIS Accountancy Suite
  • Insolvency: Turnkey IPS
  • Auctioneers: Pacts
  • Print: Tharsterns; FileMaker
  • Freight: Boxtop
  • Transportation: Roadrunner
  • Equipment Rental: RentalPoint

As well as old staples and new services from Microsoft, including:

  • Microsoft 365 office suite & business tools
  • Azure
  • Teams
  • SharePoint

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